Best Places to Find Used Grocery Store Equipment

Purchasing equipment for your grocery store can quickly become expensive, especially when you start thinking about whatever budget you’ve set. But don’t fear! If you are looking to save money while outfitting your business, there are several good options to find used grocery store equipment. 

Liquidation Sales and Clearance Events

Liquidation sales and clearance sales can be a great way to find cost-effective purchases. Most of the pre-owned equipment being sold is likely still in good condition and will serve your business well. As with any used equipment, it is best to thoroughly inspect the condition of each item before purchasing to avoid extra repair costs in the future. You should also ask if the piece has any existing warranties attached to it. 

Purchasing used grocery equipment from a liquidation sale not only helps you find deals on essential grocery equipment, but is also sustainable. Your purchase keeps those pieces out of the landfill and helps you stay within your budget.

Online Auctions

Similar to liquidation sales, online auctions are another great option to help you save on used grocery equipment purchases. You will often be able to find competitive pricing on high-quality, pre-owned equipment by using a dynamic platform. In addition to paying attention to the condition of each item, there are several things you want to keep in mind before bidding:

Do Your Research on the Item

Before you bid, research the brand and model number of each item. Look at reviews to ensure you’re making a quality purchase. This is also an opportunity to see how much you’re willing to bid on an item compared to the price when it's new. 

Research the Seller

Equally important is researching the seller. You want to make sure that you are bidding with a reputable seller, like SAM Auctions, to ensure that you are purchasing the highest quality pre-owned grocery equipment.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

After doing your research, don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions about the condition of the item, especially if the item is not in a warehouse near you. This can help you make a better informed purchase.

SAM Marketplace

The problem with auctions and clearance events is that they aren’t always convenient. You can’t guarantee that there will be an active event when you need to purchase items. However, SAM Marketplace is Surplus Asset Management’s new and improved platform that allows you to shop for new and used grocery equipment whenever is convenient for you. 

With over 40 years in the industry, our long-standing relationship with retailers such as Kroger, Safeway, HEB, Albertsons and more provides you with access to used and new grocery equipment from resources and retailers you can trust. Once you have determined which pieces of equipment you need, you can simply browse our extensive inventory to fulfill your business’s needs. 


In conclusion, purchasing used grocery equipment doesn't mean compromising quality or sustainability. Liquidation sales and clearance events offer cost-effective solutions while contributing to environmental sustainability. While online auctions provide competitive pricing, demanding thorough research on items and sellers. 

SAM Marketplace, however, has emerged as a reliable alternative, ensuring convenience and trust. Our site offers a vast inventory of new and used grocery equipment, maintaining trust through long-standing relationships with reputable retailers. Convenience and reliability make SAM Marketplace a go-to solution for outfitting your business sustainably and within budget!