Best Places to Find Used Restaurant Equipment

Equipping your commercial kitchen can quickly become a financial challenge in the restaurant industry. However, navigating the world of used restaurant equipment opens doors to substantial savings without compromising quality. Let's explore the best places to find used restaurant equipment you can depend on:

Liquidation Sales and Clearance Events

Liquidation and clearance events can be goldmines for cost-effective restaurant equipment purchases! These sales often feature dependable pre-owned equipment in good condition. However, you should thoroughly inspect an item's condition before you purchase it to avoid unforeseen repair costs. It's also wise to inquire about existing warranties, providing an added layer of assurance.

Moreover, purchasing from these events supports your financial goals and helps you achieve your sustainability goals! By repurposing used equipment, you prevent these items from heading to landfills.

Online Auctions

Online auctions also offer competitive pricing for high-quality, pre-owned restaurant equipment! To make the most of these auctions, diligent research is critical. Investigate the brand, model, and user reviews before participating. This ensures a quality purchase and helps you make an informed bid, comparing prices against the equipment's new price.

It is also imperative to choose reputable sellers in online auctions. Providers like SAM Auctions provide a trustworthy environment, ensuring you're acquiring top-tier pre-owned restaurant equipment.

Do Your Research on the Item

Before you bid, research the brand and model number of each item. Look at reviews to ensure you're making a quality purchase. This is also an opportunity to see how much you're willing to bid on an item compared to the price when it's new.

Research the Seller

Equally important is researching the seller. You want to ensure that you are bidding with a reputable seller, like SAM Auctions, to ensure that you purchase the highest quality pre-owned grocery equipment.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions

After researching, don't be afraid to ask the seller questions about the item's condition, especially if the item is not in a warehouse near you. This can help you make a better-informed purchase.

SAM Marketplace

While liquidation sales and online auctions are great options for finding dependable, used equipment for your restaurant, they lack the consistency and convenience you may need. SAM Marketplace, Surplus Asset Management's newest platform, addresses this challenge.

With over 40 years in the industry, SAM has cultivated enduring relationships with renowned retailers like Kroger, Safeway, HEB, Albertsons, and more. This translates to unparalleled access to a diverse inventory of used and new restaurant equipment from trusted sources.

SAM Marketplace offers the flexibility to shop for equipment whenever it suits your schedule. This eliminates the uncertainty associated with waiting for specific events. Whether you're looking for ovens, refrigerators, or specialized kitchen equipment, SAM Marketplace has your needs covered!


We know purchasing equipment for your restaurant can be laborious and expensive. Purchasing used equipment can help you stay within your budget and doesn't mean that you have to compromise quality. Between liquidation sales, clearance events, and e-commerce sites like SAM Marketplace, you have several cost-effective solutions to equipping your commercial kitchen properly!

SAM Marketplace offers the perfect blend of convenience and savings. Our site provides a vast inventory of new and used grocery equipment, maintaining trust through long-standing relationships with reputable retailers. Shop SAM Marketplace today and discover our used and new restaurant equipment inventory.