4 Door Freezer | True | Model # TR2F-4HS | 115 Volt

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True 4 Door Freezer Description:

Factory-engineered, self-contained, R404.

• High capacity, factory-balanced refrigeration system that maintains -10°F (-23.3°C) temperatures. Ideal for both frozen foods and ice cream.

• State-of-the-art, electronically commutated evaporator and condenser fan motors. ECM motors operate at higher peak efficiencies and move a more consistent volume of air which produces less heat, reduces energy consumption, and provides greater motor reliability.

• Top-mounted refrigeration system with evaporator positioned out of food zone to maximize capacity.

• Automatic defrost system time initiated, temperature-terminated. Saves energy consumption and provides the shortest possible defrost cycle.

• Automatic evaporator fan motor delay during the defrost cycle.


L52 5/8in x W 33 3/4in x 77 3/4

Weight:  600LBS

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