Generator, Complete Set-up | 2022 Caterpillar D500GC Generator Set

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Includes Transfer Switch, Transformer and 2 Power Walls.

500 ekW Diesel Generator Set

The D500 GC diesel generator sets have been developed to meet your needs in standby applications. Producing reliable power of 500 ekW at 60 Hz, meeting ISO 8528-5 transient response requirements and built to accept 100 % rated load in one step. The engines are certified for U.S. EPA Certified for Stationary Emergency Use Only (Tier 2 or Tier 3 Nonroad Equivalent Emission Standards).

Engine Model Cat® C15 In-line 6, 4-cycle diesel
Bore x Stroke 137mm x 171mm (5.4in x 6.8in)
Displacement 15.2 L (928 in³)
Compression Ratio 16.1:1
Aspiration Turbocharged Air-to-Air Aftercooled
Fuel Injection System MEUI
Governor Electronic ADEM™ A4
Standby Performance Strategy
500 ekW, 625kVA EPA Certified for Stationary
Emergency Application
Performance Standby
Frequency 60 Hz
Genset Power Rating 625 kVA
Gen set power rating with fan @ 0.8 power factor 500 ekW
Emissions EPA TIER 2
Performance Number DM8155
Fuel Consumption
100% load with fan 137.0 L/hr 36.2 gal/hr
75% load with fan 110.5 L/hr 29.2 gal/hr
50% load with fan 71.3 L/hr 18.8 gal/hr
25% load with fan 41.9 L/hr 11.1 gal/hr
Cooling System1
Radiator air flow restriction (system) 0.12 kPa 0.48 in. Water
Radiator air flow 720 m³/min 25426 cfm
Engine coolant capacity 20.8 L 5.5 gal
Radiator coolant capacity 54 L 14 gal
Total coolant capacity 75 L 20 gal
Inlet Air
Combustion air inlet flow rate 38.2 m³/min 1347.7 cfm
Max. Allowable Combustion Air Inlet Temp 49°C 120° F
Exhaust System
Exhaust stack gastemperature 531.1° C 988.0 ° F
Exhaust gas flow rate 102.1 m³/min 3605.5 cfm
Exhaust system backpressure (maximum allowable) 10.0 kPa 40.0 in. water
Heat Rejection
Heat rejection to jacket water 182 kW 10375 Btu/min
Heat rejection to exhaust (total) 493 kW 28039 Btu/min
Heat rejection to aftercooler 121 kW 6860 Btu/min
Heat rejection to atmosphere from engine 91 kW 5182 Btu/min
Heat rejection from alternator 29 kW 1655 Btu/minEmissions (Nominal)2 Standby
NOx 2129.1 mg/Nm³ 4.6 g/hp-hr
CO 301.5 mg/Nm³ 0.6 g/hp-hr
HC 8.8 mg/Nm³ 0.03 g/hp-hr
PM 9.5 mg/Nm³ 0.03 g/hp-hr
Alternator3 Standby
Voltages 480V 600V
Motor Starting Capability @ 30% Voltage Dip 1019 1103
Current 751.8 601.4
Frame Size M3154L4 M3136L4
Excitation S.E AREP
Temperature Rise 105°C 130°C

This unit has been removed from the site and is ready for pick-up.  FOB Phoenix.

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