Commercial Citrus Juicer | 2017 Zumex | Model # SPEED TANK PRO PODIUM | Ser: Various


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This high-volume citrus juicer from Zumex provides fresh-squeezed orange juice for your grocery store or supermarket. The Speed Tank Pro stores over one gallon (1.32 gallons) of juice while maintaining quality. It also features an intelligent-touch display that allows you to control the working mode (automatic or professional) and how many oranges you want to squeeze at a time.

Additional Features:
- Stainless steel podium provides storage for waste
- 8 fruits per minute
- Fruits up to 81mm diameter (88-105 per box)
- Feeder capacity up to 100 fruits
- Dimensions: 26.57 x 27.56 x 69.49"
- Net Weight: 116.7 kg ı 256.6 lb

Serial Numbers will change if you purchase multiples. 

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