Self Cooking Center Oven | Rational | Model # SCC-WE-202| Ser # E22SI18042663435| 480 Volt

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Looking for a versatile piece of equipment that can prepare different dishes at the same time? Each rack of this Self Cooking Center electric combination oven is monitored individually. It’s like having a range of cooking gear - grills, pans, pots, fryers and roasting pans - compressed into a single unit. 

Sensors detect the size and condition of the food placed inside and make all the decisions according to your desired results: fine-tuning temperature, regulating the cooking cabinet climate and cooking times. The display then informs you of every adjustment. 

The Self-Cooking Center also provides a constant flow of steam to prevent food from drying out, reducing shrinkage by up to 50% compared to conventional cooking methods. It also features energy savings of up to 70%.

Additional Features

  • 7 self-cooking control modes for meat, poultry, fish, egg dishes, side dishes, baked products and finishing
  • Temperature range: 86°F to 572°F.
  • Steam cooking operates from 86°C to 266°C and is perfect for blanching, poaching, steaming and boiling.
  • Combination cooking mode is a blend of moist and dry heat for braising, stewing and roasting which reduces cooking times and saves energy.
  • Efficient Care Control automatically cleans and descales the unit.

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