Horizon Outdoor Air Unit | Trane | Model # OANE648D4-C1C400LR-00000AP0002005C0B3A1 | 460/60/3 Volt

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Horizon™ Outdoor Air Unit
Indirect: Electric/Air Source
Model: OANE

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Units Manufactured 2022

Two units available

$20,000.00 Each

Model Number Description

All products are identified by a multiple-character model
number that precisely identifies a particular type of unit.
An explanation of the alphanumeric identification code is
provided (see"Model Number Descriptions," in the pictures)
and will enable the owner/operator, installing contractors, and
service engineers to define the operation, specific
components, and other options for any specific unit.

Features and Benefits

We designed the Horizon™ Outdoor Air Unit based on customer requirements from across the country. Thorough analysis of the performance requirements resulted in a robust design with the ability to effectively operate over an expansive performance envelope required for the year-roundtreatment of outdoor air. Also, we took into account today’s HVAC market issues, such as indoor air quality (IAQ). We equipped the Horizon Outdoor Air Unit to meet your ventilation needs—in direct response to the ventilation and humidity control requirements of ASHRAE standard 62.1.

Trane’s Horizon Outdoor Air Unit leads the industry in the key areas of:
• indoor air quality (IAQ)
• energy efficiency
• high quality and durability
• advanced, integrated controls
• flexibility (including indoor installation)
• enhanced serviceability
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Features
• Stainless steel drain pan sloped in two directions to ensure proper drainage and reduce the
potential for microbial growth
• Double-wall foamed panel construction throughout the indoor section of unit to provide, nonporous, cleanable interior surfaces
• Inlet hood with moisture eliminators
• High efficiency throwaway filter option with standard 2-, 4-, or 6-inch adjustable filter rack
• Piezometer airflow measurement option
• Easy filter access encourages frequent changing
• Refrigerant hot gas reheat for low dewpoint supply air for superior humidity control
• Capable of providing low dew point supply air for superior humidity control

Energy Efficiency
• Total energy wheel option for recovered energy from centralized building exhaust
• Optional modulating recovered refrigerant reheat for unit supply air
High Quality and Durability
• Robust unit construction with 2-inch double-wall panels and reversible, hinged access doors.
• High quality, long-lasting latches and hinges for all access doors
• Protective standard prepainted finish on cabinet exterior with optional corrosion inhibiting
coatings available for the unit exterior, interior and coils

Advanced Controls
• All controls are factory-engineered, mounted, configured and tested to minimize field startup
• UC600 microprocessor control with easy-to-read human interface and display for monitoring,
setting, editing, and controlling
• Human interface with touch-pad screen for monitoring, setting, editing and controlling
• Capable of supply-air control or zone control of both temperature and relative humidity
• Occupied and unoccupied control sequences
• Optional remote human interface for ease of control access without going outdoors
• Optional LonTalk® communications interface communication link with a Tracer Summit™building management system or other control systems that support LonTalk

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